What it's like living in England: bank support chat line

Online chat at bank - problems with PIN since at least November 2013 - names changed. This is really what it's like living here: An advisor will be with you shortly. While waiting to be connected, don’t forget you might still be able to find the answer to your question and many more by using our ‘Help 24x7’. During this chat you will not be asked for any details from your Card-Reader. Please note if any personal information is given, it will only be used with regards to this specific enquiry and will not be used for any other purpose. You are currently number 1 in the queue. You are now connected with an adviser. Jane: Hi, you're chatting with Jane. How may I help you? MM: How can I phone you please? I have been trying for weeks to get a pin unlocked, long story, and today yet again I was given advice which didn't work (unlock pin only at the XBank, not at Tesco - Tesco machines don't always work). Yet again, Pin is locked! MM: Before Christmas they promised me a new pin in the post, but it never came. MM: It turned out they had two different addresses, in Germany and UK, for me (but both should work) Jane: Hi M MM: Went to XBank this week and they cleared up the address problem and said PIN OK MM: Hi Jane! Jane: A couple of moments please while I read the above Jane: Are you still getting the message pin locked when inserting the card in the reader? MM: Yes, exactly, just now. After 'unlocking' it at XBank machine outside XBank in Upminster this afternoon Jane: Okay as you are still experiencing issues I can order a new card on the account MM: This will take weeks again, won't it? I'll have to wait for the new PIN etc. Jane: Your replacement debit card will be with you in 5-7 working days. MM: It took weeks when I first got it because no one told me I need an e-card-reader. Jane: I am very sorry you have experienced this issue I will do as much as I can rectify this today MM: That sounds like the best way to go ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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