Books I have not read/Ungelesene Bücher

In a variation of the popular bloggers' posts 'Books I read in 2013', 'Books I read in December' and so on, here are some books I haven't read. First of all, I was in Hammicks law bookshop yesterday because it was still open till 7 pm when I happened to pass it. I didn't buy Catherine Barnard's tome on EU Employment Law although it looked like a good read, with quite some reference to individual countries. I had to admit I would not find time to read it. Had I wanted to, I could have got it cheaper second-hand or on Kindle (though I feel books you want to leaf through don't work well on Kindle). EU law sometimes gets me down because I don't know enough about it, and whether working through this book would help I don't know - though I suspect it would Nor did I buy Guide to Latin in International Law by Fellmeth and Horwitz. You can look inside at amazon. The Latin used in English law and the Latin used in German law are different, US law also uses different Latin and international law (with which I rarely have to do) probably uses a different one again. Not only that, but the pronunciation varies from country to country ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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