How to spread Norway's success with electric cars

● By Prof. Marianne Ryghaug, Norwegian University of Science and Technology ● Electric cars have been a huge success in Norway, with more electric cars per capita than anywhere else in the world. Sales are thriving, with Norway’s new car market boasting the largest share of electric vehicles (EV). The country’s top-selling car for the last two months is electric. So how has Norway achieved this, some would say enviable, situation? Frequently, deploying EVs starts with government-backed national action plans. These involve demonstration pilot projects, “learning by doing”, and introducing EVs as company cars in those firms with big fleets. Not so in Norway. Here, company fleets' use of EVs lags behind private consumers. Of course electric vehicles of any kind rely on electric charging infrastructure in order to be useful. Financial incentives, since EVs are relatively expensive, are also common. These, and the need to introduce consistent and institutionalised policies and legal frameworks governing use and investment in EVs, are among the initial challenges faced. The Nordic model Norway has in place several policies and tools at hand to speed the uptake of EVs. Their rapid expansion to date has most likely been spurred on by strong financial incentives. For example, considerably reduced taxes, worth around US$8,200 (£5,000) per car each year, have been very important. Due to a strict tax regime, conventional vehicles can be twice as expensive in Norway as in other European countries. While EVs are expensive relative to their size and luxury, the tax breaks they come with bring down their price to around the same as petrol and diesel vehicles, making them a viable alternative for many Norwegian households. Other incentives include free access to public parking, toll roads, ferries and charging stations, and the opportunity to use bus lanes ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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