Letter to Oliver Stone about Untold History

Dear Oliver Stone,

I can not answer directly your question on german receiption of “Untold History”, because I got rid of my TV years ago and have now watched the original DVD. In fact, the German broadcasting has hardly attracted attention. The station N24 was not the first choice. However, the major broadcasters reject from to take only dubbed foreign documentation, but basically make arrangements with private comment. Therefore your format hadn’t any chance there. Unfortunately N24 has renamed the title of “Untold History of the United States” into “History of the United States”, which naturally arouses a different expectation.

An important newspaper, SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, has written something derogatory. So they made ​​fun of your portrayal of Henry Wallace as a hero and argued that probably 99.55 % of German television viewers would not know him. Although the assessment of the level of awareness is likely to be true, but many of the other comments are pure ignorance ...

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