Bans of Political Parties and the Case of Golden Dawn’s Right Wing Extremism in Greece

Prosecution is pending in Greece against the Right Wing extremist party “Golden Dawn”. The accusations concern the criminal activity of the organization which is also a political party represented in Greek Parliament by 18 members. Golden Dawn is being prosecuted under article 187 of the Greek Penal Code, which imposes imprisonment up to 10 years to whomever “creates, or participates as a member in an organization composed by at least three members and with constant action aiming at committing more than one felonies” criminalized in a number of articles of the criminal code such as murder with intent (art. 299 of the Greek Penal Code), grievous bodily harm (art. 310), extortion (art. 385), as well as of felonies punished by special legislation on weapons, explosives etc.

The Prosecutorial Finding Against Golden Dawn

Τhe Prosecutorial Finding accuses members of the organization for having committed numerous hate crimes on the basis of their neonazi ideology (Prosecutorial Finding, p. 2). The Finding accuses Golden Dawn of not only advocating hate against “races”, immigrants, the Roma community, mentally and physically handicapped, but also of engaging in acts of violence against members of these communities, considered by them as “enemies” (id, at 4). The same document describes the functioning of the organization as following a military structure with strict hierarchy whose violation led to harsh sanctions even violating the personality of the offender (id, at 4). According to the Finding, the organization was composed of special assault groups engaging in massive violent attacks committed by members, who have received special military training by the organization, initially against immigrants and later against Greek citizens designated as having different opinions from them and thus as “having to bear the consequences of this difference” (id, at 4-5) ...

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