Koffer auspacken 2013: Christopher McCrudden

Hi Chris, how was your vacation? Have you had time to do any traveling as of yet?

Not yet. As I think you know, we are going to be in New York for nine months starting in September. And we are taking the boat! On the second of September, next Monday, and getting into New York on the evening of the tenth. So that is effectively our summer holiday, really.

Wow, what a great experience. Have you done this before?

Well, the very first time I went to the States was in 1974, and the scholarship I was on was a wonderful one in that transported us there on the SS France, so my first sight of the U.S. was sailing past the Statute of Liberty, on a summer morning, and there was a mist surrounding the Statue of Liberty – absolutely magical! I have always wanted to see that again and to show my wife Caroline what it was like. Now we thought would be a good opportunity.

And you are not afraid of repeating such a key moment of your life? If there is so much romance and significance in an experience …

Yes, you are always torn as to whether you want to share it or keep it special and separate. I think I want to share this one. It will be different, of course. Different ship, different me, certainly a different environment that I am sailing into. So, you know, it will be different. But I think some of the magic I hope for will translate as well. Anyway, it is also an opportunity to travel without interruption for more than seven days – what could be better?

What books did you read this summer? What books are you planning to take on the boat?

Well, the book I have actually spent most time on is because of you. It is Hans Joas’ new book, which as you know has just been translated into English. Actually, that has been my summer reading. And it is entirely because of Joas giving that lecture at the Wissenschaftskolleg back in June.

Hans Joas would not otherwise have been on your list?

No. To my shame. He wasn’t ...

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