The 'Impressum' in the UK

We translators spend a long time arguing about the (mis)translation of the German word Impressum into English. In this connection it's sometimes suggested that the duty to have such a notice of contact details for legal purposes is a German peculiarity. It fits so well into the image of German bureaucracy. But not at all - it's an EU requirement, and has been implemented in the UK too. There's a post (in German) on the terrors of the UK equivalent today by Max-Lion Keller in it-recht kanzlei. This is about online shops, so I don't think translators have to have it. Nor do German online businesses, unless they have a branch in the UK - then they can use their friendly German Impressum. But if they do have a UK branch, they are subject to The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002. Here you go:
General information to be provided by a person providing an information society service 6 ...
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