Why are James and Tricia Keene suing the wrong company?

James and Tricia Keene’s case against EasyLift Cargo Lifts of Galveston is thin, inasmuch as the injury to James’s arm last November seems to have resulted from “operator error.”It may have occurred while the frugal husband was using it as a discount elevator rather than as a cargo lift that the company installed in the Keene beach house at Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula.

The Keenes’ case against Brint Construction of Beaumont is less than thin. It’s ridiculous.

“They sued us, but we didn’t make it, install it, or guarantee it,” company owner Tim Byrom said about the Keenes and their cargo-lift claim.

Brint Construction did build the Keenes’ beach house and do the electrical work associated with the installation of the cargo lift, but neither Byrom nor anyone else at his family-owned company recommended the lift or the company that installed it ...

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