Phila. cop sues Target Corp. for severe eye injuries sustained in attack by shoplifter

A Philadelphia police officer is suing retailer Target and two John Doe defendants over injuries he allegedly sustained after an altercation with one of the men at the Target store at 7400 Bustleton Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia.

Attorney Jay L. Edelstein, of Edelstein Law, filed suit earlier this month at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas against James Wagner, against Minneapolis-based Target Corp. and the two unidentified individuals over a March 1, 2011, incident that allegedly caused James Wagner to sustain severe injuries to his eye that required five surgeries undertaken to repair his eyesight.

On that spring day two years ago, the suit states, James Wagner was struck with a weapon wielded by the John Doe assailant after the officer responded to a police call at the Target store.

The incident caused the officer to sustain injuries including severe trauma to his right eye, orbital fracture, stellate wound of the right eye, a dislocated intraocular lens, loss of sight, retinal hemorrhage, optic nerve sheath hemorrhage, loss of lens, loss of iris, acute and traumatic glaucoma, memory loss, facial disfigurement, lacerations, and head, neck and back injuries, according to the complaint.

The officer claims he will likely be required to undergo additional medical procedures in an effort to correct his eyesight problems, something that has cost him and his wife a great deal of money.

Wagner also claims his job has taken a hit because of his injuries ...

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