Lawyer Suing Apple Is Banking On Millions of People Being As Stupid As He Was

A lawyer who brings a lawsuit predicated on his own stupidity is a rare, beautiful, courageous creature. It’s one thing to represent with a straight face someone who tried to make out with an industrial fan, and another to admit that you personally couldn’t master simple technology. It’s also a bold move for a partner in a law firm to admit that he’s bringing a lawsuit over losing ONE FRIGGING DOLLAR on his mistake.

That’s why this guy deserves some credit for being so comfortable publicly admitting what no one else would…

This is the tale of Scott Weiselberg, a partner at Kopelowitz Ostrow, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to the complaint, Weiselberg admits to one more embarrassing personal decision by alleging that he decided to rent the Adam Sandler film, Big Daddy, back in 2010 (yes, that is an affiliate link, and yes, we will judge anyone who uses it to actually purchase the film).

And that’s when Apple “confused” Weiselberg:

According to the filing, Weiselberg rented and downloaded the high definition version of the movie “Big Daddy,” before discovering that his iPhone did not support HD playback. HD content is often offered at a premium in the App Store, and Weiselberg says that he was “tricked” into paying an extra $1 for the content ...

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