Schwurgericht in English

I' ve been translating a text with a Schwurgericht in it. This is a term I haven't had to deal with in English since I taught translation up to 2002. This is what I used to tell my students:
Schwurgericht n ≈ criminal court with 3 professional judges and 2 lay judges dealing with serious crimes (at Landgericht)
There are recommendations by the Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office) online for translations of court names such as Landgericht (see the list of PDFs at Terminologie). People might want to use these. But there are no recommendations on translations of the names of the various types of court or chamber within the courts. If you translate Landgericht as Regional Court, as the FFO suggests, it seems a good idea to me because it does not sound like any existing UK or US court. The terms local - regional - higher regional suggest a hierarchy too. The original name Landgericht should be retained somewhere in the translation though, for clarity. So what about Große Strafkammer? That's a court (chamber if you like) that deals with serious criminal matters and it sits with three professional judges and three lay judges. (Sits with makes me think of the joke: Mit ihm ist ein großartiger Mensch gestorben - Was, zwei Menschen in einem Grab?). You could say Large (?) Criminal Court/Chamber/Division ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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