Legal language and translation conferences in London yesterday and today

I've been to a half-day seminar on drafting and language at the IALS Legislative drafting and language and a CIoL legal translation conference with a heavy EU element. They were both excellent, but I have given up reviewing conferences (after starting with the ATA one in New Jersey when this blog started in 2003). All the presenters were good, but one is always interested in one thing more than another. Details at the bottom, in case the links die. It was great to put faces to some colleagues I only knew virtually. Alas, the CIoL conference gave us no list of participants. I think they were mostly IoL people, but I must have missed a few I knew. We were put on language-based tables, so I was on DE>EN, presumably in preparation for the afternoon translation session, which I did not attend. I think I will put a few notes and links I picked up in a separate entry later or tomorrow.
Thursday 27 June 2013 Title: Legislative Drafting and Language Speakers: Richard Heaton, First Parliamentary Counsel; Maurizio Gotti, University of Bergamo; Adrian Hogarth, Senior Parliamentary Counsel, Law Commission; via skype, Vijai K Bhatia, City University of Hong Kong. William Robinson, Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, former Law Reviser, European Commission; Ingemar Strandvik, European Commission; Thomas Glyn Watkins, University of Cardiff, former First Welsh Legislative Counsel. Event details and online registration: ...
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