EFF: Mesh Networking, Good. Overbroad Patents, Bad. Help Us Protect Mesh Networking.

Die Electronic Frontier Foundation bittet um Mithilfe in Bezug auf Mesh-Patente. Die EFF sieht ein großes Problem in bestimmten Patenten, die Einfluss auf verbreitete Mesh-Protokolle (wie das von Freifunk entwickelte B.A.T.M.A.N.-Protokoll) haben könnten:

Wireless Mesh Networking is still in its nascent stages, and the innovations and experimentation of the open source community are playing a vital role in advancing the technology. However, there has also been significant proprietary and military interest in the technology, and companies are seeking patents in many areas of WMN already explored by the open source community. We unfortunately know what can happen when overbroad patents get granted—the rise of patent trolls, lawsuits that can threaten growing businesses, and threats that target entire areas of technology. We don’t want to see that happen to mesh networking ...

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