Serving foreign Court Orders in Germany

In the UK and the USA, the common way to deliver official court papers to a debtor / defendant is personal service (see for example this video by a State of Colorado judge). As seen in many movies and TV series, someone approaches the debtor, asks him “Are you Mr Neverpay” and – if the person is careless enough to respond “yes” – hands over the documents and says “you have been served”. Then the person delivering the papers quickly walks away just in case the person served gets angry – which happens quite often ...

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Service of Process This is an informational video intended to provide information to those who need to perform a service of process. If this video does not cover your specific process serving situation, please review the link provided above for information on additional service of process scenarios.

Process Serving World: Process Server Safety

Abolt Process Service is a Nationwide Process Serving company based in San Diego, CA. Process Serving World is a series hosted by Cheyanne Abolt that examines the process server & legal courier industry. This weeks topic is process server safety

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