In England

Circumstances oblige one to spend more time in England. What's different? There are many more spam phone calls. That might depend on the phone user, though. Also post informing you that you are making a PPI claim through the company that writes. When you phone up big offices, you get put through from pillar to post. Then if you have to speak to someone and give your personal details, the person is incredibly chirpy and friendly. For instance, I am asked to give my phone number and do so - 'Thank you very much, that's brilliant'. 'That's brilliant' is commonly used for absolutely nothing. I hate the way people ask on the phone if you are Mrs or Miss. Just occasionally they add Ms. I knew that Ms was a problem in the UK because 'it can't be spoken', I just hadn't experienced it on the phone before. There are masses of plain English forms and advertisements for services and brochures from utility companies explaining what they offer ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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