The Independent should be ashamed of itself/Ich bin ein Berliner

I've discussed this before here (2008) but it refuses to die the death. People just love believing funny stories. Today The Independent exhumed it again: Errors and omissions: How a wrong translation became the great Berlin bake-off
Except that he didn’t. Giles Cooper writes in from north London to confirm what an old friend with a degree in German told me long ago. Kennedy, or his speech writer, got it wrong. “Ich bin ein Berliner” means “I am a doughnut” (that is, a particular kind of German doughnut known as a Berliner). The German for “I am a Berliner” (meaning a person from Berlin) has no indefinite article. Kennedy should have said, “Ich bin Berliner.” But everybody is familiar with the words he actually said – so for headline purposes “Ich bin ein Berliner” has become correct ...
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