Nachtbriefkasten/Night postbox at court

A colleague was wondering how to translate this term - Nachtbriefkasten or Fristenbriefkasten. I've often seen them but it had never struck me how peculiar they are to the German-speaking world. They are designed to recognize items posted up to midnight of a deadline date. Earlier, there must have been someone who did this, but seemingly it is done electronically now. Here is a small postbox which produces another shelf when the clock strikes twelve. A Google image search for Nachtbriefkasten will show many more. I don't think there's a special translation - you would have to explain it if it was important. Here is the local Amtsgericht one, photographed this evening: And here's an explanation in English of the coat of arms of Bavaria (you have to click through to see the colours).
The modern coat of arms was designed by Eduard Ege, following heraldic traditions, in 1946. The Golden Lion: At the dexter chief, sable, a lion rampant Or, armed and langued gules. This represents the administrative region of Upper Palatinate. It is identical to the coat of arms of the Electorate of the Palatinate ...
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