Swimming can be a problem. Fürth has a really good indoor pool (Hallenbad), renovated a few years ago. It used to have a shallow end, but nowadays the shallower end is still too deep to stand in, so non-swimmers go to the smaller children's pool. But unfortunately the renovation was subject to agreement that schools should have priority. So it opens only at 14.00 three days a week and closes at 13.00 or so at weekends, unlike in other more civilized places. On top of that, even when it's open it's been known for all lanes to be booked by clubs, or children's swimming competitions have taken it over without announcement. A sauna establishment called Fürthermare, which you can't seriously swim in, optimistically described as a thermal bath, opened a few years ago (Bad Fürth was a spa at the turn of the twentieth century and Quelle was named after this). It looked as if you could use the indoor pool adjoining during opening hours, but no, it still opened only at 14.00, although I see that it can be used on Saturday and Sunday evenings only by the Fürthermare guests. It would be too expensive to open the Hallenbad entrance. So how about paying extra for Fürthermare and using the Hallenbad through that? Well, at first you had to take the sauna option, and in the sauna you could only change in public, not in a cubicle, after which you had to walk for miles to reach the pool. The system was slightly changed, but it drives me to Kristall Palm Beach (!) or the Nordostbad in Nuremberg. Then in summer there is a huge demand for the open-air baths, as long as it is hot. Every year they complain about not enough takings because the weather was too cold. The indoor pool closes and the outdoor pool opens. This may be OK for young and fit people, but not so good for us beached whales. First of all, the padlocks for the wire cages for clothes storage run out (could take my own) ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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