Splendid Film GmbH – warning letter in simple terms

Currently Sasse & Partner Rechtsanwälte claims that many owner of an internet connection have commited a copyright infringement.

The letter that those people have received is a so called Cease and Desist Letter (German: „Abmahnung“). The opposing party “Splendid Film GmbH” – a copyright holder which is being represented by Sasse & Partner – claims that they have infringed and/or offended the German Copyright Act (“Urheberrechtsgesetz” – UrhG). They claim that they have either downloaded a copyright protected file like “The Expendables 2″ from the internet and/or have made available such file for download in the internet. Sasse & Partne say, that the “Guardeley Ltd.” has noticed that the movie has been illegally uploaded to the public on the internet to unknown third party over your internet connection ...

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