Multilevel Energy Policy in the EU: Paving the Way for Renewables?

• By Prof. Calliess (FU Berlin) and DirProf. Hey (SRU) • The legal and political interrelations between national and EU energy policy competencies and the actual policies are multifaceted. In order to really understand those interrelations one has to analyse both the formal competencies of the EU as enshrined in the Treaty and the actual EU policies with direct and indirect impact on the choice of energy sources. The Treaty grants the EU competence as regards (a) the functioning of the energy market; (b) security of energy supply in the Union; (c) promotion of energy efficiency and energy saving and the development of new and renewable forms of energy; and (d) promotion of the interconnection of energy networks. However Member State’s choice between different energy sources and the general structure of its energy supply, remain under national control ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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