Useful links

I haven't had much time lately so to keep something on offer I'd like to refer to some of the best links on my site. I am afraid some of the items on the blogroll are dead, but some aren't. For legal translation: The Centre for German Legal Information calls itself 'the gateway to German law in English'. I normally use it to find translations of German legislation into English. They aren't always reliable. On top of this, I believe it is the policy to drop translations of legislation which is no longer current. But we trnaslators often have to translate old statutes! Of course you can't rely on those translations, but they are worth a look. Some translators refer to the official German site with 'official' translations of statutes. But those are all at cgerli anyway. And what is very good, you can click through to search the German names. Sites that expect you to guess the translated name are harder to navigate. Cgerli also has judgments and other materials. The German Law Journal is also always worth a look. It is published regularly with articles on a variety of areas of German law ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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