Amnesty for Armstrong? Lessons for the Compliance Practitioner

The Lance Armstrong saga continues to provide many lessons for the compliance practitioner. A recent article on, entitled “Lance calls for amnesty program”, reported that Armstrong has come out in favor of those who openly speak about the doping culture of cycling, of course most notably him. The article stated “Now that doping has become such a big problem, Armstrong said a truth and reconciliation program is the “only way” to rid cycling of performance-enhancing drugs, and the sport’s governing body should have no role in the process.” In an interview given to Cyclingnews, it was reported that Armstrong said that the “best way forward is a truth and reconciliation process offering amnesty to riders and officials who detail doping in the sport.”

When asked which anti-doping agency should give this amnesty and which one should take such testimony Armstrong answered that “the program should be run by the World Anti-Doping Agency and not the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the body that produced a scathing report detailing systematic doping by Armstrong and his teams. The USADA report led to Armstrong being stripped of his seven Tour titles and banned from elite sport for life.” Not too surprising that Armstrong does not want to get anywhere near USADA given the report they released on him last summer. Armstrong stated that complete amnesty must be given “otherwise no one will show up.” Any chance that ‘no one’ he refers to would be himself?

While Armstrong’s idea of a ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ program may seem, well shall we say, a tad self-serving, the use of a suspended or lessened sentence has been successfully used to elicit testimony in the cycling world.According to the New York Times, USADA had “the ability to offer other cyclists reduced suspensions if they provided information about Armstrong’s doping ...

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