Shall or must? recommendations for UK parliament

Parliamentary counsel, also known as parliamentary draftsmen, draft bills for legislation. The latest Drafting Guidance (December 2011) can be downloaded from this page as a PDF file. It's 84 pages long and deals with many language points. Have a look at the table of contents! The reading list at the end has two of my favourite books: Butt and Castle on Drafting and Thornton on Legislative Drafting. It also has four weblinks to similar materials in Australia, Canada and the UK. This useful link comes from a colleague (thanks, Siriol) via Daphne Perry, a lawyer who is the UK representative of Clarity. At the Clarity website, which I must have mentioned at some time in the past nearly ten years of this blog's life, you can see earlier copies of their journal. A large number of arguments for and against shall and must are given. The conclusion is that shall is used less than it used to be, and some of the current uses in legislation may be where a statute has been amended and the drafters did not want to change the usage where the original used shall ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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