Using CAT tools for legal translations/CAT-Programme auch für juristische Übersetzungen

There's a useful post on Percy Balemans' blog, Translation is an Art, about using CAT tools for non-repetitive texts: The Usefulness of CAT Tools. She gives seven reasons why CAT tools can be useful even if your text is not repetitive.
Consistency Even if texts are not repetitive, consistency is still important. The concordance feature in your CAT tool allows you to search for words or phrases so you can check how they were translated before. This is also very useful in case you haven’t got a terminology list (yet). Quality control These days, CAT tools offer more and more quality control options. You can have your translation checked for, among other things, correct punctuation, conversion of numbers, tags and consistent terminology. If, like me, you tend to mix up numbers (typing 1956 instead of 1965 for example), it’s good to know you no longer have to worry about this, because your CAT tool will warn you when you’ve made a mistake.
I'm really pleased to read this summary because when I started using a translation memory program - STAR Transit - in 1998, and much later, I would hear colleagues saying 'You can't use it for legal translation' ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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