Most ridicuous lawsuits: Rikers Island inmates cost city big $$ with ‘frivolous’ lawsuits


These jailbirds are proving that crime does pay.

Rikers Island inmates are soaking city taxpayers by suing over everything from slippery shower floors to beds they claim are too short, a Post analysis has found.

Legal claims against the Department of Correction have resulted in $111.1 million in payouts over the past five years — including settlements of “frivolous” cases that would have cost more to fight in court.

Sources said the situation is “out of control,” with a growing network of prisoners sharing the names of lawyers and even scrawling the attorneys’ contact info near the jail’s pay phones.

“Once the lawsuit is created, even if it’s nonsense, they still get paid — and most of them are nonsense,” a Rikers source said.

“They know the city will investigate and say it’s not worth going to court. They’ll offer $2,000 to squash it, and the lawyer will tell the inmate, ‘It’s a bulls–t case, but they’re offering $2,000 — you should take it.’ ”

Zaie Escribano, locked up for allegedly firing on two cops in The Bronx, is seeking unspecified damages over claims he slipped and fell in a Rikers shower in May 2011 because a “stopped-up” drain created a puddle on the floor, court documents show.

“Does it surprise you that he’s suing the city, given his background?” asked Detective Robert Salerno, one of the cops Escribano allegedly shot at in 2009 ...

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