Pişmaniye - Keten helva

There's always a lot to write about legal translation, but now for something more important. When I first saw pişmaniye and read the translation cotton candy (US for candy floss, German Zuckerwatte) but the ingredients only 50% sugar, the rest flour and butter, I was curious. It's very light and fluffy and difficult to eat without getting it everywhere. My local source was taken over by another firm and had only one box, chocolate-covered, left. I didn't really want the chocolate, but it was good because it was very thinly coated and the chocolate coat made it easier not to make a mess - though not impossible, I can attest. So I was excited when I got my hands, or rather my ereader, on Sherbet and Spice: The Complete Story of Turkish Sweets and Desserts by Mary Işin (the last i in the surname should not have a dot). I think I read about it in a tweet from Robyn Eckhardt, of the Eating Asia blog. The blurb says:
Mary Isin has lived in Turkey since 1973 and started researching Ottoman cuisine in 1983 ...
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