Jury duty/Geschworenenauswahl in den USA

Jury duty is an important matter. Trial by jury is a constitutional right in many cases. The Immortal Alcoholic saw an apparently drunk woman who was called for jury duty but escaped before being given a breathalyzer:
First Bailiff: “Are you drunk?” Potential Juror: “No. I’m Ashley.” She held out a very shaky hand to the Bailiff, but he rebuffed the salutation. Ms Ashley’s mother stood next to her with a support hand at the back center of her daughter’s waist. ... Second Bailiff: “What’s in your drinking glass, Ms. Ashley?” Ms Ashley: “It’s OK. It’s just water.” Second Bailiff: “You won’t be able to take that glass into the courtroom.” Ms Ashley: “It’s OK. It’s just water.” Ms Ashley walked away (with the aide of her mother) tottering on her high heels. First Bailiff to Second Bailiff: “We’ll have to do a breathalyzer on her. She’s smelly of the stuff.”
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