Miscellaneous/Dies und das

In lieu of a longer post, some links and comments that have come up this week: 1. A commenter on an earlier entry wondered how to translate Bereinigungsgesetz into English. There's some discussion there, and also a mention of how to translate Gesetz into English: as part of the name of a statute, I always write Act. This works in BrE and AmE. Some prefer law, and as far as I remember the argument given for using law is that there is a difference in the way Gesetze are made in Germany and Acts in the UK and USA. One aspect that struck me only recently is that it's quite common in BrE to do what I do, capitalize Act in running text (in this generic sense, one could also use statute). I think it tends to be done by lawyers and it only struck me when a colleague queried it. 2. In Language mystery, Victor Dewsbery posted a blog entry on Terminology for parts of a city just after I wrote about Land ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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