The Unitary Patent - After the Game is before the Game

Sepp Herberger was the manager of the German nation soccer team that won the 1954 World Cup by a miraculous 3-2 final win over Hungay, the undisputed favourite and unbeaten for nearly 5 years. This match, in Germany renowned as the "miracle of Bern", not only has a solid position among national myths and legends but has also been considered the birth of the Federal Republic of Germany and an ignition spark of the West German "Wirtschaftswunder", e.g. by historian Joachim Fest. Herberger became a national hero and famous for his down-to-earth but cunning quotes like "the next opponent is the toughest" and "after the game is before the game". The latter quote - maybe in the form of "after the endorsement is before the ratification" - seems to perfectly characterise the somewhat ambivalent situation the Unitary Patent is in at the beginning of the year: Important steps have been achieved in December (especially the approval by the EU Parliament and Council), but the rest will not be an easy challenge either. On the ksnh::law blog we have followed the advances in recent weeks, as well as some side aspects: December 11, 2012: High Noon (Again) For EU Unitary Patent What If The United Kingdom Were Set To Leave The European Union? Attorney General Mr ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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