Most ridiculous lawsuits: Plaintiffs sued wrong company over cemetery fall, judge rules

PARKERSBURG – A federal judge has dismissed a personal injury lawsuit filed against a company that apparently does not own the funeral home the plaintiffs intended to sue or the cemetery they should have sued.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin on Nov. 29 dismissed the lawsuit filed by Carissa Hammonds against Peoples/Perdew, which she believed owned the Cawley & Peoples Funeral Home in Marietta, Ohio. The basis of the lawsuit, an alleged fall at a cemetery, occurred at Riverview Cemetery in Williamstown, W.Va.

Goodwin wrote that no relationship exists between Peoples/Perdew and the Marietta funeral home, even though one man is the president of both, and no relationship exists between his companies and the Riverview Cemetery.

“William Peoples is the president of two corporations – Peoples/Perdew and Peoples Funeral Homes, Inc.,” Goodwin wrote.

“Both corporations own and operate funeral homes that go by the same name – Cawley & Peoples Funeral Home. The named defendant, Peoples/Perdew, owns the Cawley & Peoples location in Barlow, Ohio. Peoples Funeral Homes owns the funeral home visited by the plaintiffs in Marietta, Ohio, as well as another location in Lowell, Ohio.”

Goodwin wrote that, more importantly, neither company has ever done business as Riverview Cemetery, which is where Hammonds’ alleged fall took place ...

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