UK must reap "huge" benefits of demand reduction

• Edward Davey, UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change • In a world of rising energy prices, pressure on resources and economic uncertainty we simply cannot afford to miss the huge opportunities offered by greater energy efficiency. That is why the coalition government is acting now to make Britain's energy supply fit for the 21st century, helping to create lower bills for consumers, reduced costs and greater opportunities for businesses, and lower carbon emissions. We are already making real, tangible progress in this area. The revolutionary Green Deal will be up and running in the new year, helping households and businesses improve the efficiency of Britain's housing stock by enabling them to pay for exciting and innovative energy-saving measures through savings on bills. The Energy Company Obligation will provide help towards those who need it most. And smart meters will help raise awareness of our energy usage, putting consumers back in control. Together these measures will transform the way we use energy, and have the potential to create a new £10bn market in energy efficiency, boosting jobs and helping stimulate supply chains in a way that can really drive economic growth. Earlier this month, we published the UK's first comprehensive energy efficiency strategy. This sets out our plan to completely change the way energy is used over the coming decades. Five new university-led energy research centres are being created, and next year we will be trialling a new approach to energy efficiency labelling with the retailer John Lewis. There is still more to be done though - more savings to be made and more economic growth to be unlocked in a growing market. We need to place the UK at the forefront of the growing global market for energy efficiency goods and services ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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