ENTSO-E Publishes its Winter Outlook Report 2012-2013

On 30 November, ENTSO-E published its annual Winter Outlook Report 2012-2013 and Summer Review 2012. The report aims to assess the adequacy of the power system for the coming winter period (weeks 49/2012 to 13/2013) and to provide an overview of the main events occurring during the previous summer. Andrea Damm / pixelio.de The 2012-2013 Report focuses on the generation adequacy of the European power system to meet demand in case of normal and severe conditions, as well as possible network bottlenecks that could affect cross-border flows. In addition, it also aims to identify risks and countermeasures planned by the TSOs in cooperation with the neighbours and the possibility for neighbouring countries to contribute to the generation/demand balance in case of needs. Key elements and findings of the Winter Outlook Report 2012-2013 include: The key factors likely to affect the balance between demand and supply include the temperatures, which influence both the level of the load directly and electricity generation ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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