German Immigration Law: Social benefits for foreigners residing in Germany

In Germany there are four different kinds of residence titles: - The German permanent residence permit (“Niederlassungserlaubnis”) - The German temporary residence permit („Aufenthaltserlaubnis“) - The German Visa (“Visum”) - The German long-term resident´s EC residence permit (“Daueraufenthalt-EG”)

Each of these different residence titles may entitle its holder to obtain different kinds of social benefits from the German state. Germany’s social welfare system provides many social benefits to German citizens and foreigners living in Germany. Some of them are:

SGB II: SGB II is the abbreviation for the Sozialgesetzbuch II (German Social Security Code II) which determines the basic financial security benefit for employable job seekers in Germany. The term “SGB II” is therefore used colloquially to describe this kind of basic financial security benefit. The SGB II is paid to unemployed people in Germany who are in need of support because of their current unemployment status and their life situation. According to the SGB II a person in need is entitled to receive a monthly allowance and the SGB II also covers the costs for accommodation and heating.

SGB XII: The SGB XII is the abbreviation for the Sozialgesetzbuch XII (German Social Security Code XII). While the social benefits of the SGB II are given to persons who are capable of employment, the social benefits of the SGB XII are given to persons who are not capable of employment because of some kind of working-inability or because of their age.

AsylbLG: The AsylbLG is the abbreviation of the Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (German Asylum Seekers Benefits Act). The AsylbLG is a separate rule for social benefits, apart from the Second and Twelfth Book of the Code of Social Law (SGB II and XII), described above. Benefits according to the AsylbLG may be obtained by foreigners who reside in Germany and are asylum seekers or civil war refugees ...

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