Update Japan: Prime Minister Noda - “Rocket Start” for Renewable Energy

● By Dr. Karl-Friedrich Lenz, Professor (Kyoju), Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo ● Japanese Prime Minister Noda gave a speech on energy issues on Monday. It is published on the Prime Minister website here. I would like to discuss some of his thoughts here. For one, the “rocket start” line mentioned in this post’s title. In context, this was included in this paragraph:
本年末を目途に、大幅な省エネルギーの実現と再生可能エネルギーの飛躍的拡大に向けた具体的な行程を定めた「グリーン政策大綱」を策定いたします。新たな体制のもとで検討の布陣を整え、グリーンエネルギー革命を今からすぐにロケット・スタートさせ、世界に誇る低炭素社会を実現していきたいと考えています。 (My translation): With the end of this year as a deadline, we will decide on the “Guidelines for the Green Policy”, which will show the concrete steps involved in bringing about realization of energy efficiency and a rapid growth for renewable energy. Under a new system we will lay the grounds for the debate, assure a rocket start for the “Green Energy Revolution”, and realize a low carbon society we can be proud of to all nations in the World.
I like that “rocket start” line. It shows “language intelligence” ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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