Innovative Vorschläge gegen Juristenschwemme in den USA

Ungewöhnliche Vorschläge zur Eindämmung der Juristenschwemme:

In addition to reporting average results, schools should disaggregate data to avoid misleading applicants at greatest risk of failure. For example, how did previous applicants with low entering test scores and college grades fare after graduation? Anyone who starts law school with less than a 50 percent chance of passing the bar within three years of graduation should be required to sign a special waiver that he has been informed about the riskiness of his education investment. Warning high-risk applicants before they matriculate helps them protect themselves and reduces the government’s risk of unpaid loans in the future.

Und wenn das nicht reicht, sollen finanzielle Anreize gesetzt werden:

Law schools might analogously offer to rebate half of a student’s first-year tuition if the student opts to quit school at the end of the first year ...

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