ENTSO-E submits Capacity Allocation & Congestion Management network code to ACER

On 27 September 2012, ENTSO-E submitted the CACM network code to ACER. Following unanimous approval of the network code by the ENTSO-E General Assembly. The CACM network code translates the vision of the European Target Model for electricity into practical rules for further implementation. The CACM network code is the second network code to be developed by ENTSO-E and sets out rules which will facilitate the completion of the Internal Market in electricity. These rules cover the operation of Day Ahead and Intraday Markets, the calculation of capacity in a coordinated manner and the definition of Bidding Zones. According to ENTSO-E, the CACM network code represents an important step in implementing a ‘Target Model’ for the design of European electricity markets ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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