Most Ridiculous Lawsuit: Lawsuit Claims Hairy Man Contest On Cruise Led To Burned Feet For Florida Man

Your average Carnival cruise offers plenty of entertainment options. You can stuff yourself full of deli meats and warmed-over pasta at the buffet. You can swim in a chlorinated pool in the middle of an ocean. You can pretend to like shuffleboard. Or, like Orlando resident Kurt Gies, you can strut your stuff in a contest to find the hairiest man on the boat.

Unfortunately for Gies, his turn on the catwalk didn’t win him fame, riches, or even the appreciation of his fellow hirsute contestants. Instead, he claims, he got severe burns on his feet courtesy of the sun-baked surface of the Lido Pool Deck. He’s now sued Carnival Cruise Lines for injuries, pain, and mental anguish related to the hoof-scorching.

“He burned his feet and got a severe infection, and the treatment wasn’t appropriate either,” says attorney Gregory Glasser, who is representing Gies.

Carnival’s public relations department had their doubts as to Gies’ claims. “Based on video of the contest … several guests, including the plaintiff, were barefoot and do not exhibit any signs of distress during the video,” writes Carnival’s Vance Gulliksen in an email. “Further, there is no record of any guest reporting to the ship’s medical center with burns to his or her feet ...

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