Trotz geändertem Programm: Meiden Sie die Global Outsourcing Konferenzen von GOAL (Fortsetzung)

This is an update and follow up to my first post on GOAL and KPOC, who are responsible for the Global LPO and Litigation Outsourcing conferences in London and New York.

After I disclosed in “Conference Scam: Beware of GOAL” how GOAL and KPOC have stolen most of the topics for their London and New York conference from ACC and other organizations, GOAL reacted and initiated several measures to remedy at least some of the issues:

If you visit GOAL’s website today, you can read a statement from P. Parnami regarding some of the issues raised in my first post (click screenshot to the right to read). A new speakers list for the London conference with so far 4 speakers has been published (yesterday morning, the list still contained name and picture of one person who never confirmed to act as speaker for them. After this person complained, this has been corrected). The agenda for the London conference has been re-drafted and newly published. The agenda for the New York conference has been re-drafted a second time (see my first post, Update 22.08.2012 for details on the first re-draft attempt) GOAL has deleted two of webinars listed in section 2 of this blog from its website (Aug 8, Sep 5). However, the webinars with copied titles of August 17, 23 and Sep 28 are still listed on GOAL’s homepage. The GOAL mentor board seems no longer to exist, all references to GOAL’s mentor board have been deleted on GOAL’s website. This is probably due to the fact that several if not most of the members of GOAL’s mentor board requested to be immediately removed after they read my first post.

The statement GOAL issued yesterday on its website and LinkedIn Group is appreciated. However, this does not mean that all issues are solved:

The statement mentions that “External Research and IT Teams made a mistake.” The setting of the agenda should be the core responsibility of every conference organizer ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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