Bismarck, Virchow and the apocryphal sausage fight/Bismarck und die Wurst

This is not the fictitious weapon with which Rudolf Virchow did not take up Otto von Bismarck's genuine challenge to a duel: (With thanks to Konstantin Binder of London Leben, who let me pinch the photo) It seems that Bismarck did indeed challenge Virchow to a duel, but Virchow did not take him up on it. Since I lived in Virchowstraße in Cologne for a year without knowing who he was, and even now knew only that he was a famous epidemiologist but not that he was a social reformer, here is something on Virchow. He worked at the Charité in Berlin and held speeches saying that progress in medicine would only come from three directions: clinical observations, animal experiments and pathological anatomy. But when he was one of a team sent to investigate a typhus epidemic in Upper Silesia, he found the desperately poor Polish minority and his report recommended political change and educational and economic reforms. He was then suspended from his post and had to go to Würzburg (I recall myself how dreadful it can be to leave Berlin and land in Franconia), but later returned to Berlin, became a member of the Berlin City Council and concerned himself with public health, including the Berlin sewage system and water supply. He was also a member of the Prussian parliament and opposed Birmarck. (Based on Peter Watson, The German Genius - Guardian review). The myth is recounted by the Journal of a Southern Bookreader, quoting Wikipedia, in Fearing the wurst - thanks, Trevor ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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