'Rule Britannia' in Fürth

No, not me - I'm not a match for Constance Shacklock, at least not in voice. But it seems that the Pocket Opera Company is putting on the masque about King Alfred by Thomas Arne in which Rule, Britannia! was first heard at Schloss Burgfarrnbach. Apparently it was first performed at the country home of the then Prince of Wales, who then died before his father and never became king (goodness, let's not conjure anything up).
Frederick, a German prince who had grown up in Hanover, arrived in Britain as an adult and was on very bad terms with his father. He made considerable efforts to ingratiate himself and build a following among his subjects-to-be (although he never ultimately reigned, as he died before his father in 1751 and never became king). A masque linking the prince with both the ancient hero-king Alfred the Great's victories over the Vikings, together with the contemporary issue of building British sea-power, went well with his political plans and aspirations.
Superficially this sounds like fun. I did enjoy the Pocket Opera Company's baroque opera night in 2005 (earlier entry). Here's the blurb: German English. This begins to be worrying: the title has become 'The Mystery of the Monastery' and we learn that many British people still revere Alfred and regard him as their patron saint. Those are the millions I have yet to meet.
The Pocket Opera Company launches, with a new adaptation and British humour, this exciting overlooked Opera, that not only has rediscovered the incredible music of this British composer but also awakens the cloudy world of Britain. An opera about the mystery and enigma of Britain, about drinks that disturb the senses, that flow into the olfactory perceptions of the protagonists.
A positive review in the local press is also a worrying sign:
Heinrich VIII. ist dabei, leider hat er den Henker im Schlepptau, was nicht allen seinen Ehefrauen bekommt ...
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