Ancillary copyright/Leistungsschutzrecht

Urheberrecht (the right of an author, which under German law cannot be assigned): copyright Leistungsschutzrecht (the right protecting commercial activity in connection with copyright, for example publishing): ancillary copyright Leistungsschutzrecht, literally 'right protecting performance', is not easy to translate into English. It's sometimes called a neighbouring right, which is OK if you realize it's neighbouring copyright. Ancillary copyright is commonly used, but perhaps misleading, in that the right is not actually copyright. Uexküll's dictionary has wettbewerbsrechtlicher Leistungsschutz: accomplishment-related protection under German law. It's a form of industrial property right, not really a form of intellectual property right. The term has been in the news recently because a draft bill has been presented to the Bundestag for an amendment of the German Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz) giving (mainly newspaper) publishers a year-long right protecting their publications from commercial online use, and it obviously affects bloggers. This was part of the coalition agreement of the present German government. 'Hobby bloggers' are OK ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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