Badly translated EU documents 2/Schlecht übersetzte EU-Dokumente 2

A note about outsourcing - see also the comments to the last entry. Here, under Closed calls for tender, the DG-T gives information of some past tenders. I'm looking at the PDF file for Translation — Legal and judicial documents of the EU for 2008 translations into English. They look like agencies on the whole, although Viesel Legal Translations in Trier are three members of the same family who do all their trnaslations in-house. I haven't checked further though. At the top of that file you can see that the price range was from 14 to 55 EUR/page. A page means 1500 characters without spaces. I just checked a judgment I was translating, and in the English translation 1500 characters without spaces equalled 1808 with (in the German original 1723 - words are longer, especially in legal texts). That's nearly 33 lines (55 characters including spaces) by normal German reckoning, so line prices ranged from 42 cents to 1.66 euros. The question then arises to how much an agency's translator gets, and how you price yourself - if you are at the 1.66 end, will you get offered no work? (I regard 1 ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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