Anti-Software-Patent Campaigners count on François Hollande

In our today's article "Anti-Patent Campaigners put their trust in François Hollande as EU Council attends to Unitary Patent Court again" on the ksnh::law blog we attend to the reopening of negotiations on the Unitary Patent Court on next week's Competitive Council meeting on May 31/June 1 (see draft agenda, item 19) and the influence anti-software-patent campaigners such as the French April group may have on the process now as socialist François Hollande took office as the new President of France. In fact, Fleur Pellerin (@fleurpellerin), responsible for the digital economy in Hollande’s campaign team, gave some disturbing answers (pdf, french) in a tendentious pre-election questionnaire regarding issues like computer-implemented inventions, the EPO, or the planned EU Unified Patent Court: The patentability of software would induce a partitioning of innovation that would be harmful to the ecosystem seen in its digital together. I am therefore opposed to the patenting of software. It is essential that the patent office’s practice is consistent with what tax payers and the public expect of the patent system. A reform of the control structures of the EPO appears to be required ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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