On Antitransblawg I started by saying: don't translate Rechtsanwalt as solicitor. Comments and questions are welcome in tweets. There won't always be explanations here. But: 1. In England and Wales, the legal profession is divided into solicitors and barristers ('the divided profession'). In Germany, there is no such division. Rechtsanwalt is therefore a broader term. As I say under 4. below, it can be good to take a broader term (e.g. lawyer) - but it is a bad idea to take a narrower term (solicitor, barrister). 2. In the EU, a solicitor may practise as a solicitor in Germany, and a Rechtsanwalt may practise as a Rechtsanwalt in the UK. So there are cases where you don't want to translate the term at all, but just use the German ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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