Modern Imperialism and the Secularisation of International Law

On Monday, 19 March, historian, philosopher and lawyer Mark Somos (2011-2012 Rechtskulturen Fellow at Humboldt University Law School) will talk in Recht im Kontext‘s Rechtskulturen Colloquium about Modern Imperialism and the Secularisation of International Law. His paper deals with “the forgotten contingency of secularisation”:

One reason why we fail to prevent and resolve both domestic and international conflict is that Western political and legal concepts are not only secular, but were designed to be blind to religion. The primary obstacle to preventing conflict is persistent, but rectifiable ignorance of history. From the fourth to the seventeenth century, Christian theology underpinned all aspects of thought, from the natural sciences to international law. As the Reformation eroded doctrinal monopoly, much of European thought broke down ...

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