Per Döhler and Thea Döhler have started a joint blog on translation and marketing called Triablog. It has already built up quite a few articles in secret, but is only now officially launched. Entries are in German, English or Swedish. There's also an index, which is a very good idea, in addition to the categories. (I am unhappy with my own system of categories - some of the most useful older posts are unlikely to come to light again, and I have never got round to tagging all the entries imported from my original Movable Type blog). There are tags as well as categories, and there are categories and tags in the various languages, so I will stop thinking about how it all fits together - the main thing is that it's easy to navigate. Topics are translation, tax (Per is famous for his disquisition on German VAT), what's going on in Barendorf and more. Here's a recent post recommending we use the 24-hour clock in English, at least for European contexts:
In nearly all European countries, while the 12-hour clock may still be used in daily speech, you practically never see it in writing. Where there is an official standard, it calls for the 24-hour time format ...
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