Race, Caste and Law: Dalit and African American Responses to Legal Conservatism

As we discuss the fundamental rights situation in the EU in our Verfassungsblog online symposion, we do keep an eye on law and politics in Germany – and on the world beyond our old world. I am currently in Cairo, to attend a conference on “International Law and the Periphery” where I already listened to interesting, sometimes provocative and often enlightening presentations on law and revolution, political and ecological sustainability and cores and peripheries in international legal history. As so often, the things that remain undiscussed and undisputed are speaking a very clear language as well. But I will get back to these debates in more detail in a later posting.

In Recht im Kontext’s Rechtskulturen Colloquium this Monday, 20 February 2012, Rechtskulturen Fellow Krishna Swamy Dara will present his research on “Race, Caste and Law: Dalit and African American Responses to Legal Conservatism”.

In his abstract, he writes:

“Law as an ideology and apparatus has been instrumental in constituting and perpetuating various forms of social inequities ...

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