Schweitzer International Bookstore

Have I recommended the Schweitzer legal bookshop in Munich before? I've only been once and they had an eclectic selection of law books in English in the basement. Don't know if that's still the case. More interesting was a list of books, for example German law in English, which I got hold of years ago. What I didn't realize is that its successor and various materials are now available online. Schweitzer Fachinformationen If you click on International Bookstore, you will find a number of links to newsletters, including special editions of newsletters, in the form of PDFs with details on relevant literature:
Spezial-Ausgaben des ILFB-Newsletters / Newsletter - special edition ILFB Spezial: Arbitration ILFB Spezial: Germany ILFB-Spezial: Contracts - Forms - Drafting ILFB-Spezial: Insolvency Sonderheft: International Corporate Reporting ILFB-Spezial: Intellectual Property ILFB-Spezial: Securities Law & Regulations ILFB-Spezial: Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances ILFB-Spezial: Estate Planning - Trusts ILFB-Spezial: Private Equity ILFB-Spezial: Islamic Business & Finance ILFB-Spezial: Business Crime ILFB-Spezial: Company Law Reform Act
The newsletters relate to books on law, economics and tax, and you can subscribe to them ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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