Disparaging the German Federal President/Verunglimpfung des Bundespräsidenten

There's a kind of defamation you can commit in Germany called Verunglimpfung des Bundespräsidenten. The old StGB translation called it Disparagement of the Federal President, the new one (by Bohlander) calls it Defamation of the Federal President. It's like defamation in that, in Germany, it's a criminal offence that can only be prosecuted on the application of the person who claims to have been defamed. There's a discussion with Udo Vetter here on the risks of going to prison for making a joke about Wulff. There was in fact a case coming up in Dresden in which someone was on trial for making a joke about Wulff and his wife, but I don't need to go into that now because this evening it seems the President has had the proceedings dropped (Wulff will keinen Prozess mehr). See section 90 here: It comes under the category of offences endangering the democratic state under the rule of law ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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