Becoming a translator with educated proficiency/Geld verdienen als Übersetzer

I am gearing up to start blogging properly again, but meanwhile some reading from a website on running a small business from home. Someone tweeted it this morning, I hope as a joke but perhaps not. The site gives advice on how you can earn money as a 'verbal translator' (this seems to mean an interpreter) or a 'text-based translator' (apparently a translator). This opportunity is open to you even if you do not have the ideal qualification of having grown up bilingual:
Most organizations who are looking to hire a verbal translator will prefer to find translators that grew up speaking both languages. Fully bilingual, these translators have been speaking both languages since their childhood and this can help bring a fluid mastery that many other translators will not have. These translators will often understand the rhythm and cadence of a particular region which many students of language cannot master.
I have always had the impression that 'true bilinguals' are not typically ideal translators, but apparently I was wrong. Looking at my day's work today, I must admit that fluid mastery is not the first description that occurs to me ...Zum vollständigen Artikel

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